Recycling and Baby

31 October 2010 - 8:26pm Comments Off

Wai Meng (left) and Lew (right) pose with their new (and newly cleaned!) store room!

A full-time member of staff with the Ladrang e-Division, Wan Wai Meng is also a facilitator for the Ipoh study group and an organiser of the Kechara Earth Project. Here, he shares with us his experience during a recent recycling event.

We had a few more volunteers who came by this time around, including Dr Hank, Tho, Yew Seng and Melvin Yap and his son. We shifted the location of our recycling site to face one of Aman Suria’s exits, which gives us much better visibility to passing traffic. Dr Hank suggested the brilliant idea of running a pet adoption programme alongside our recycling activity. As we would like the recycling activity to complement the Kechara Animal Sanctuary, November should see a shake-up and expansion in the work we will do.

Towards the end of the day, Lew’s friend David also came to help out. David, Lew and myself gave the store room a thorough clean and wash. From the pictures, you’ll see I was wearing a white shirt…well, my other minor achievement of the day was not getting any stains on it because that store room really was dusty before the cleaning we gave it!


We now have space to store recycling items, located opposite Kechara House 2. In addition to our regular event on the second Sunday of every month from 9am to 12pm, we will also have a collection every Thursday from 10am to 8pm. Please call Lew (+6012 316 3737) or Wai Meng (+6012 215 0968) before coming with your recyclables.

In an effort to bring the Kechara Animal Sanctuary closer to their goals, we have begun donating to Wow Wow Pets. Elize, one of the owners of Wow, saves stray animals, gives them medicines and neuters them as well. One of the strays she saved recently is Baby. Baby had a litter of seven pups of which five were adopted due to Elize’s diligence in locating good families for them. We are happy to report that Baby is now neutered and has a nice coat of hair compared to when Elize first found her.

Useful Tip

Cut open a toothpaste tube and use what’s inside. The amount of paste in it will last you another one to two weeks. This does not stop the tube from going to the landfill but we can at least delay that eventuality for a couple of weeks.

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