Prayers for long life

19 February 2011 - 4:39pm Comments Off

A series of long life pujas were conducted this past week at Kechara House in dedication to the long life of our spiritual guide, His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche. It is very auspicious to perform such pujas at the start of each year, and to wish our guru a long life and stable health since all realisations depends on the guidance of the teacher. To have the opportunity to make such an auspicious offering is extraordinarily precious.

Over 100 people attended the first day of Drolchok, and the number of attendees only got larger after that...

The real benefactors of long life pujas are actually the Lama’s students. Long life pujas are a chance for students to repair their relationship with their Guru, to purify their karma, and to create the merit necessary to sustain their Guru’s presence amongst them as a spiritual guide. These pujas consist of prayers, chanting and many beautiful traditional offerings.

At Kechara House, Rinpoche’s students performed Drolchok (Tara) puja on 14 and 15 February, Menlha (Medicine Buddha) puja on 16 February and Kalarupa puja on 17 Feburary. Each day of the long life pujas at Kechara House saw hundreds of people attending, as they all recognised it to be a very auspicious event. There were even people who went vegetarian for the week, in dedication to Rinpoche’s long life and good health.

The altars in Kechara House were filled with beautiful offerings, including traditional torma offerings (a representation of food)

We hope you will join us in celebrating the successful completion of these pujas. May these prayers, and the sincere motivation and mind transformation of Kecharians create the merit to sustain the Guru-student relationship we wish to have with Rinpoche, for this lifetime and all future lifetimes until Enlightenment.

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