New kid on the block!

1 September 2010 - 6:38am Comments Off

Doing the King of Prayers with his Head of Department Liaison Chuah Su Ming to mark his first day

A new kid on the block has joined Kechara Care full time, adding yet another member to our beloved Kechara family! At 26 years old, Bryan Ho is one of our younger members and very artistic! This lad is a freelance make-up artist for numerous fashion shows, TV commercials, magazines and weddings, AND a frequent contributor to an online webzine. Dharma entered his life earlier this year and things have not been the same for him ever since.

Through the teachings of His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche and many voluntary works in Kechara, Bryan soon experienced the joy of benefiting others. Through Dharma, he was finally able put some meaning into his life, saying, “Never had I realised how much happiness it brings when you serve others and the Dharma…”

Aspiring to continue growing spiritually, and to continuously be of benefit to others, Bryan finally took the plunge and joined Kechara as a full time member of staff.

“My life has just begun…I would like to bring Dharma to each and everyone. I hope more and more young adults will see that Dharma can be a career, and a meaningful one at that! It is such a beautiful experience!”

Congratulations Bryan! If you see this new kid around your block, remember to say hi!

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