Making a little princess happy

30 September 2010 - 2:27pm Comments Off

What’s better than waking up with a smile? On a happy Monday, many Kechara friends and members gathered together to deliver gifts to a couple of our most devoted members Fat Monk and Wan. The occasion? Just because their mothers were in town to visit them, and because they had brought with them Fat Monk and Wan’s very adorable two-year old daughter Damey. Fat Monk’s mother had come from Johor Bahru, and Wan’s mother and Damey had flown all the way from Thailand for the visit.

The day before the visit, His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche personally chose many toys for Damey, including a talking doll and a bicycle which Damey clearly loved. In addition to this, Rinpoche also arranged for Kechara Care to buy a lot of vegetables, cooking items and food for Damey’s grandmothers so that they can cook and keep busy during their stay.

The family were really happy and touched by Rinpoche’s thoughtfulness and care for them, and it was so nice to see the reunion of the three generations…it is such a good feeling to put a big smile on others’ faces, isn’t it?

One of the many gifts from Rinpoche was a car seat

Wan and her daughter

There were flowers to welcome Wan's (left) and Fat Monk's (right) mothers

Damey was the star of the day!

The little princess loved her little doll

Off she goes!

She didn't let go of her doll for long!

Oh hello! You can talk!

Bryan Ho of Kechara Care is introduced to Damey

Damey learns early to care for others

Father and daughter play

Wan with her other 'baby', Gonpo

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