Liberating for Long Lives

28 November 2009 - 2:09pm Comments Off

What would you normally be doing on a public holiday?

Fighting for parking in a shopping mall? Dealing with a sulky child because they didn’t get yet another toy they want?

Or maybe your kids normally spend the holidays zoned out in front of the TV?

Well, how about taking in some fresh air, and the great green sights of a peaceful urban park?

At Taman Rimba Kiara today, 20 adults and children took part in the release of 532 finches, all sponsored by Rinpoche for the long life of his gurus and some of his students, whether old or new, near or far.

Organised by Liaison Chuah Su Ming, the group were led to a secluded spot in the park where they could recite prayers and release the birds without being disturbed. The children were restless, barely able to contain their excitement as they recited their prayers with great care.

Finally, the moment came – Bird Uncle (as our friendly bird supplier is known!) knelt down and cut the bindings on the cages, before the kids rushed forwards, jostling to be the one who let the birds go. There were cheers and shouts all around as the birds flew off, with some of those present shielding their heads just in case the birds left them a little ‘blessing’ (bird poo!).

After the birds had flown away to begin their new lives, the group did a dedication prayer before Su Ming took them to Secret Recipe for some ice-cream and cake…as though the kids needed any more sugar, so happy they were from having just released so many birds!

The next time you have a long weekend coming up, why not think about spending your time a little differently. Rinpoche wishes to make animal liberations a regular event so if you want to get involved, or perhaps sponsor some animals yourself, please get in touch with Su Ming (at or +6012 291 1178) for more information.

The kids check out the finches before walking to the spot where the birds will be released

Everyone helps to distribute the prayer books

Being the umze (lead chanter) for the day, Sean Wang (in dark blue) leads everyone in reciting Shantideva's dedication prayer

Medicine Buddha's mantra (TAYATHA OM BEKANZE BEKANZE MAHA BEKANZE BEKANZE RANDZA SAMUGATHE SOHA) is recited before being blown onto the finches

Freedom at last! The Bird Uncle cuts away the string binding the covers, before the kids step in to release the birds

Uh oh...Lucas has spotted something untoward in one of the cages...

Liaison Chuah Su Ming realises one of the birds has been trampled on by the other birds, so the children recite Medicine Buddha's mantra one last time for the poor finch, before burying it

Friends from the Manjushri Kids' Class, Lucas helps Nicklaus to find the right page whilst Jan and her husband recite the Kechara dedication prayers with their children

A great family day out: CEO of Kechara Media & Publications (KMP) with her son Julian; KMP Operations Manager and Editor Sharon Saw with her son Sean; Khoo with his children Melanie and Roy

Left: KMP designer and performer extraordinnaire Fang Chang Right: Treasurer of Kechara Soup Kitchen Julia Tan and her daughter Melissa

Another day in the life of a Kechara member...with their mission accomplished, everyone leaves happy, including the 532 finches that have just been liberated!

Sweet treats: The kids are taken for cake and ice-cream at Secret Recipe

Mmmmm chocolaaaaaaaaaaaate...

For once, empty tables in a restaurant is a good sign!

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