Kechara Introduces Buddhism

17 March 2010 - 5:56pm Comments Off

If you thought that after the Grand Setrap & Dzambala Puja, that Kechara did not have any follow-up plans…oh how wrong you were!

To reach out to people interested in learning more about Buddhism and Kechara, the Kechara Care team hosted an Introduction to Buddhism event this past weekend. The day began with an opening speech by Kechara House’s President and Tsem Ladrang Liaison, Datuk May Phng who welcomed everyone and encouraged them to make full use of the occasion to find the answers to their spiritual questions.

Datuk May was followed by a host of enthusiastic speakers, beginning with fashion designer Eric Choong who spoke about Buddha, Buddhism and Dharma. Touching on the importance of taking refuge and the kindness of a guru as our guide, Eric’s session was the perfect opener for Associate Liaison Kok Yek Yee, who led everyone through a guided meditation. Everyone present contemplated on those who have been kind to them, including their loved ones and parents. “Through repeated practice of this meditation,” Yek Yee said, “we can slowly expand it to include all sentient beings and develop compassion in this way.

Guests were treated to a video screening of Kechara’s recent pilgrimage to Gaden Monastery in south India before Dr. Hank introduced Kechara and its 12 departments. Dr. Hank also spoke about the Gelugpa tradition that Kechara follows, about our founder Lama Tsongkhapa and included a short presentation of Lord Tsongkhapa’s presence throughout China.

The day ended with extrovert Eric’s reclaiming of the microphone to host a question and answer session…with a twist! For once, the audience did the question-asking, winning Setrap box sets to encourage their interest. This interactivity continued over lunch provided by Kechara Oasis, giving guests a chance to mingle with Kechara members and ask even more questions… And those who could not get enough of the question-asking were given another chance when Kechara Care conducted a mini tour right after lunch.

For 50 enthusiastic faces, the past weekend was not just any other weekend – it was a weekend during which many took their first steps into Buddhism. For the Kechara team, the past weekend was not just any other weekend – it was another weekend filled with opportunities to bring others to the Dharma.

The hard work started the night before, with set-up and rehearsals aplenty

Words of Wisdom: Allan Lee, Kechara Media & Publications' (KMP) new marketing executive, was on hand to set-up KMP's booth and market KMP's books

You Want Twooooo? Allan assisting newcomers, whilst KMP's CEO Phng Li Kim demonstrates her persuasiveness

Left: Dino Goh is on hand to greet newcomers Right: Buddha Oasis quickly filled up with keen newcomers

Datuk May Phng's opening speech encourages everyone to ask questions, to challenge the knowledge of the Kechara team!

Becky Yap and Eric Choong did a fine job introducing Buddhism, answering the burning questions of the crowd

Louise Lee helps a guest make pearl offerings to Lord Setrap

A captive audience

The event gave Kechara an opportunity to introduce Lord Setrap and his holy practice to others

Many newcomers were also very interested in learning about Dzambala and the benefits of his practice

Eric Choong helps the guests of honour Raj Kumar and his wife Sangita feel at home before their guide KB joins them at the event

Kechara Care led the tour which included a visit to Kechara House 1

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