Kechara Baby

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Some people have known His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche for a long time; some may speak of having known him for more than two decades…but few can say that they have been born into Kechara!

Happy family at the hospital, shortly after baby Marici was born!

Kelvin Koh and Cynthia Ng recently welcomed their first child into the world, a beautiful healthy baby girl. Both devoted students of Rinpoche, the proud parents had submitted a formal request to Rinpoche, requesting a name for their new child. Imagine their surprise when, a few days later, a hand-written letter arrived from Rinpoche himself, congratulating them on their new baby and giving her the name Marici, after a particular manifestation of Tara who is the goddess of the dawn.

Rinpoche sent them many gifts, including health foods for Cynthia and toys for Marici

To congratulate them on the birth of their daughter, Rinpoche also sent them some gifts to help with Marici’s care, including biodegradable nappies, some large cuddly toys, and 100% natural hypoallergenic clothing and towels for Marici. In the flurry of gift-giving, Mummy was not forgotten, with a large hamper of health foods sent over to help her speedy recovery…giving birth is an exhausting process!

New mum Cynthia is happy that her family has had the merit to fall under Rinpoche's care

Excitingly for Kechara, Marici’s birth marks the expansion of our activities to include Buddhist-style baptisms. Well, it will not be a baptism in the conventional understanding of the word…when Marici is a month old, Rinpoche has agreed to conduct a traditional Buddhist ceremony that will bless Marici and grant her protection until she is older. It is our hope that Kechara will be able to do more baptisms in the future, as our members become increasingly well-versed in Tibetan pujas under Rinpoche’s guidance.

Marici's namesake

Marici dozing in the hospital...and at home!

Such pujas and similar rituals may very well be conducted by members like Kelvin and Cynthia, who are very active in Kechara’s Chinese team. Cynthia is the umze (lead chanter) for the Chinese Dzambala puja, and Kelvin is actively involved in saving animal lives, practising generosity such as by giving away Shakyamuni statues and lending a hand wherever he is needed.

With the birth of Marici into this Dharma family, we extend our congratulations to the new mother and father, and we hope that she will follow in their Dharma footsteps and be a light in the life of others!

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