Hello Sock Wan!

10 May 2011 - 4:48pm Comments Off

A bubbly character who is known for being very friendly and lively, lovable Sock Wan has been inclined towards Buddhism since young. Just like everyone else, Sock Wan had many questions about life, especially regarding the purpose of it. Searching online for Tibetan Buddhist centres in Kuala Lumpur, Sock Wan found Kechara and has not looked back since.

Sock Wan began by listening to His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche‘s teachings, which she found made tremendous sense to her, and answered all of the questions she had been asking.

What inspired her the most was watching Kechara staff always being there to help others. Combining such a practical example together with the teachings she received from Rinpoche, Sock Wan realised that we are the only people who can change our lives for the better, and putting others before ourselves is a large part of it. Motivated by such a thought, Sock Wan left her high-paying information technology job to work full-time for Kechara.

Sock Wan says that it was a struggle at first, because her family did not approve of her decision and many of her friends and acquaintances were shocked to hear that she gave up her high-paying job. Undeterred, Sock Wan says, “Working for the Dharma is very satisfying. Everyone here has one common goal – to help and benefit others. This is one way for me to repay the kindness to my family and friends, by being a better self. What is more satisfying than that?”

The Kechara team are very excited to welcome Sock Wan into our Dharma family, and bid her congratulations on her newfound path!

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