GSDP returns!

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The next exciting event coming up for Kechara is the 3rd Annual Grand Setrap and Dzambala Puja (GSDP)! To help clear obstacles and improve your luck, wealth and prosperity for the New Year, Kechara House is once again holding the Grand Setrap and Dzambala New Year Puja and sharing the 1,000 year old sacred practice of serkym offering to Lord Setrap, a powerful method for everyone to clear obstacles in the year ahead!

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Block off your 2011 diaries for the weekend of 12 and 13 February…that’s a Saturday and a Sunday! Falling within the 15 days of Chinese New Year, this is an excellent opportunity to make aspirational prayers and offerings of light, food, flowers, water and pearls to collect immense merits for the coming new year – wish for peace, growth, success, stability and happiness.

This time, we will be holding the pujas proper in our new gompa, right in front of our stunning statue of Kechara’s mighty Dharma Protector, Lord Setrap! In between pujas, we will have a stretch of canopies, showcasing all of the Kechara departments on “Jalan Kechara”. There will also be plenty of opportunities for buying offering items and getting some shopping done.

The stunning Kechara Gallery will of course be open throughout the weekend, so do bring friends who have not yet had the chance to visit. If you enjoyed the Vajrayogini dance by our talented Margaret Lee during the gompa offering event, you will get the chance to see it again during this weekend. There will also be various exciting lucky draws with special blessed and other items during the weekend so watch this space!

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The Benefits of Setrap and Dzambala

Dharma Protector Setrap is excellent for you to:

  • Receive extremely swift help to remove obstacles
  • Gain enormous amounts of merits, good health and wealth
  • Grant powerful protection against black magic and spirit possessions

Dzambala’s practice is excellent because it:

  • Increases wealth and improves business
  • Provides resources – intellection, emotional, financial, media, ideas, awareness
  • Increases generosity and kindness by destroying our miserly and selfish minds

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