Fish-Freeing Fun

24 March 2010 - 11:54am 1 Comment

It has been a joyous week full of good animal news, with Kechara and His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche saving many lives, not least at the animal liberation event on Sunday morning.

Whilst waiting for the fish to arrive, Liaison Chuah Su Ming distributed packets of fish food

It all went down at the Kepong Metropolitan Park where 80 Kechara members and friends gathered to release 100kg of fish saved from the cooking pots. With a 57-hectare lake, there is more than enough room for the fish to swim about and call home!

The participants recited and blew mantras onto the fish, to bless them

According to Lord Buddha’s teachings, one of the most important virtues is the practice of saving lives. In doing so, one accomplishes great virtue, protecting beings and saving them from fear. It is said that between saving humans and animals, the act of saving animals is more powerful. This is an oft-repeated teaching by Rinpoche, who explains that because animals cannot thank us, and cannot help themselves or do things to improve their own situation, it is a very compassionate act to save animal lives. The practice of giving freedom to an animal immediately reduces their suffering, thereby giving them more opportunities to die naturally, and in a peaceful setting. This in turn supports a smoother transition during rebirth into their next lives.

Freedom at last!

Thus the group of 80 were engaging in a very powerful act, in saving and freeing so many sentient beings. They marked this event by reciting Shantideva’s prayer as well as Rinpoche’s name mantra and the Medicine Buddha mantra to bless the fish, before releasing every single last one into freedom in the lake. The merits thus created were then dedicated to the long life of the sponsors, and of Rinpoche himself.

After the fish were set free, the participants fed them with yummy fish food

Rinpoche has previously explained that reciting mantras will increase the likelihood that the animal takes a higher rebirth, where they are more likely to come across the dharma. This can be done for any animal, including our pets. If you would like to recite these mantras for yourself and for your pets, please go to the Mantra section of Rinpoche’s website.

A dedication prayer was recited, to dedicate the merits created towards the long life of Rinpoche and their loved ones, as well as a Kechara Animal Sanctuary

For further information about the next animal liberation event, please contact Liaison Chuah Su Ming at +6012 291 1178 or [email protected]. Alternatively, for information about Kechara’s plans for an animal sanctuary, please contact Liaison Jamie Khoo at +6016 323 9567 or [email protected].

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