Finding freedom in Malacca

23 October 2010 - 3:13am 1 Comment

As Buddhists, it is believed that whenever we perform one action, according to the law of karma, it creates the causes for another event to occur. In this case, the monthly animal liberation event in Kechara House (KH) has inspired our study groups to do the same – the Malacca study group recently organised their first animal liberation in Bukit Serindit Park.

Normally destined for the hot pots, these lucky lobsters were saved from a boiling death!

Contacting Kechara Care’s Nicholas Yu for the prayers done by KH, the group recited the Shantideva’s prayer, the Medicine Buddha mantra and His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche’s name mantra. After blowing the prayers onto the animals to bless their mindstreams, the 35 participants released fish, birds, crickets, frogs, lobsters and worms all saved from the slaughterhouse!

With great joy and a pure motivation for the animals to gain a good rebirth, the event ended with dedication prayers for the merits accumulated to benefit all beings. With everyone’s encouraging support, the group hope to make this meaningful event a monthly occurrence. It is definitely joyous news to know that awareness for liberating animals has spread to other states in Malaysia. May there be more events like this, so more people will experience and commit to the joy of freeing other beings from suffering!

The crickets could sense their freedom was close, because they were chirping extra loudly!

The group recited prayers to bless the animals

Everyone rushed to free an animal

First, the birds flew free...

...and then the crickets made a dash for it!

Thanks to the Malacca group, these little guys won't find themselves hopping about in some pot any time soon

To seal the merits for the event, the group recited dedication prayers together

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  1. To be able to do something for our fellow living beings(crickets,small frogs,small fish and birds) -setting them free is something very beautiful,meaningful and wonderful, it is our wish that more Buddhists will come forward to help these pitiful beings ,to path the way for thier Liberation!
    Joy ,peace and happiness to all!