February Orientation Day

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In the Kechara spirit of always caring for our new members and old friends, Kechara Care have planned monthly Orientation Day events both in English and Chinese.

February’s Orientation Day featured Angel Lee, the beautiful mother of two children shared her experience with everyone. She told the story of how she met His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche and how she eventually took refuge in Buddhism to be a better person.

Jace (left) interviewing Angel (right)

“At that time my husband and I were in a very bad financial situation with a lot of debt”, shared Angel. That was when Rinpoche instructed them to do a seven-month retreat. Unsurprisingly, due to the power of the prayers and their faith, their financial condition improved after the retreat, and they managed to clear all of their debts in a short period of two years.

Angel also spoke about a particular incident that has stuck well with her. One day, Rinpoche mentioned that she and her husband should invite home a Lord Setrap statue. However, they did not follow Rinpoche’s instructions completely – although they could afford to pay the full RM25,000 for the statue, they instead chose to pay monthly installments starting with a RM5,000 down payment. Unfortunately on the same day, their car was stolen.

Many people including Datuk May (second from left - President of Kechara House) and Henry Ooi (far left - Vice President of Kechara House) joined the orientation

After requesting Rinpoche to help them locate their car, the answer they received was, “You will not get your car back.” Angel and her husband then realised that there was actually a reason behind the instruction to invite a Lord Setrap statue. They immediately went to pay the full sum and invited the statue back home. Thankfully, Angel said they were able to get some compensation from the insurance company in the end.

Angel went on to describe herself as a person with a big ego. She talked about how Rinpoche always teases her for being ‘blonde’ and she said for over two years, she felt ashamed every time Rinpoche did that. Then one day, Angel realised that Rinpoche might just be testing her and not actually teasing her. She decided to see if this was true – the very next time Rinpoche called her ‘blonde’ again, she just looked at him and smiled with an open mind.

Rinpoche’s immediate response was, “You have passed the test!” Angel said that this was a good example of a Guru challenging a student’s ego with the intention of making them a better person. She said that not everybody will know our weak points or even be willing to help us overcome them. However, a Guru (in this case Rinpoche) is always willing to take matters in his hands, out of his compassion.

Angel’s sharing was followed by older student Madam Lim Han Nee, a young fashion enthusiast Ethan Chu, young members Pavara and Jutika, as well as Leonard Chia from the Kuantan Study Group, who all shared with everybody their personal journey in Kechara. New friends of Kechara also had the opportunity to watch the video of Kechara World Peace Centre (KWPC).

Kechara Care is introducing a new programme named the Kechara Passport to encourage new members to participate in the many activities, Dharma classes and pujas, as well as volunteer in any departments of Kechara. Those who join all the activities and successfully collect all departments’ stamps will have a chance to participate in a lucky draw with lots of interesting prizes awaiting them…so what are you waiting for? Get signed up!

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