Exterior beauty enhances inner beauty

12 April 2011 - 4:19pm 1 Comment

Everyone wants to look good but not everyone has the know-how so last Saturday, more than 20 people participated in a make-up demonstration and skin care talk organised by Elixir and make-up artist Bryan Ho, to learn the latest skills and secrets to looking good.

Angel from Elixir introducing skin care products

The demonstration was held at Kechara Care Lounge, and began with a talk from a Maria Galland representative who gave advice on how to take good care of our skin and how to bring radiance to our skin.

Representative from Maria Galland giving a talk on skin care

Their appetites for a beautiful afternoon suitably whetted, Kok Yek Yee of Kechara Care then stepped up to be the model for the make-up session. Before joining Kechara, Bryan Ho was a highly sought-after make-up artist who travelled all over southeast Asia to work with A-List celebrities. After experiencing Bryan Ho’s magical touch, the final result mesmerised everyone – as Bryan so eloquently described, “An uncarved jade is transformed into emerald.”

Bryan (left) with his model of the day, Yek Yee

At Kechara, not only is care taken for the well-being of one’s mind but a person’s outer beauty is also cared for, hence this event. Having had a good response from participants, Kechara Care will soon be organising another workshop on skin care and make-up so ladies and gents, watch this space!

One Response to Exterior beauty enhances inner beauty

  1. a fun and fruitful event, picked up a few tips from the masters
    under the mini magic brushes of Bryan’s Yek Yee was indeed transfromed into the Star of the day!