Double happiness

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Celebrating with family and friends

As cheesy as it sounds, Sunday was definitely a day to be remembered. The Kechara House Committee held an appreciation dinner at Kechara Care Lounge, to thank the volunteers and staff for their hard work for the 7th Month Setrap Puja. Many turned up to have a good time singing and munching on delicious vegetarian food from Kechara Oasis.

However, little did they know it was also Uncle Siang’s big day! Uncle Siang is our Kechara House President Datuk May Phng’s husband – both husband and wife had no idea what was going on! The lights were dimmed and the volume went down on the music just before the couple arrived. Of course, birthday cake, balloons and gifts were presented as soon as he walked in, totally surprised by the gathered crowd and family who sang him a very loud Happy Birthday!

Waiting for Uncle Siang...

Uncle Siang was asked to sing his famous rendition of “Release Me”, and it was swiftly followed by Datuk May’s “I Will Follow Him”. The lovely couple brought a lot of laughter and joy to the crowd. Later in the night, His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche turned up, presenting a second round of surprises for everyone! After giving a beautiful talk on Tara and her origins, Rinpoche wished Uncle Siang a very Happy Birthday…and presented him with his personal Tara statue! As generous as ever, Rinpoche also presented gifts to others at the party, including Uncle Siang’s grandsons.

Rinpoche departed soon after, and of course the night did not end there but it was definitely a party of many surprises!

Surprised Uncle Siang!

Jason, Uncle Siang's youngest grandson, can't wait to get his hands on the cake!

An example of a happy, successful and very loving marriage

Dinner is served!

Kechara Care covers every event

Our youngest waiter, Pavara Lam!

Louise Lee and Yvonne Yap of Kechara Discovery were there to join in the fun

Mother and daughter try to pose...but Julian, Uncle Siang's grandson, invades the photo!

Lucas, another of Uncle Siang's grandsons, performs Michael Jackson's "Beat It" for us

The happy couple

The beautiful Tara from Rinpoche is revealed

Uncle Siang and Rinpoche, with Rinpoche's personal Tara

It was a very happy occasion for all...

...and we ended the night with beautiful dedication prayers!

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