Dharma Houses

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After a long day of working for the benefit of others, what do Tsem Ladrang and Kechara staff go back home to? Back to their Dharma houses, where students get to live amongst like-minded people to support one another in their practice.

For the nosy amongst you, here’s a sneak peek at their lives outside of their departments!

At JAMYANG HOUSE, Tsem Ladrang staff JJ Chong and Chinese Editor at Kechara Media & Publications Associate Liaison Kok Yek Yee give their home a spring clean with the help of volunteers. Rinpoche sponsored new wardrobes for both members of staff, as well as new bookshelves, working tables, shoe racks and even bedsheets, so they can sleep in comfort.

Tsem Ladrang staff Wendy Ho (polka dot shirt) leads the clean up operation at Jamyang House

IKEA workers assemble JJ's wardrobe

Associate Liaison Kok Yek Yee's new wardrobe and bookshelf

Shoe rack sponsored by Rinpoche, and Jamyang House's clean entrance and living room

Meanwhile, over at HERUKA HOUSE

One of Rinpoche’s personal attendants, Monlam, gets a helping hand at moving from Jamyang House to Heruka House. With volunteers helping him to clear out the room he is taking over (and one particularly enthusiastic volunteer mopping the floor!), the work moves quickly and Monlam is able to move in the things that Rinpoche sponsored for him, which includes a brand new mattress, wardrobe, blinds, sheets…

Volunteers move quickly to clean whilst Fat Monk plans for further renovation works to be done

Datuk May Phng's son, Wee Liang, lends a helping hand whilst Liaison Chuah Su Ming directs operations in Monlam's bedroom

As volunteers help to assemble Monlam's furniture, he takes an interesting approach to using measuring tape

Liaison Jamie Khoo makes mopping look fun

Moving in is hard work...

And finally, we move over to NAROPA HOUSE where one of Tsem Ladrang‘s latest recruits, Khong Jean Ai, is moving in to a dharma house for the first time so there’s plenty of work to be done on her room, including installation of a new air-con and water heater, walls to be painted, electrics to be sorted…so that everything in the room (all of it sponsored by Rinpoche!) can be moved in.

In warm Malaysia, air-conditioning is an essential

Painters paint...

A clean floor post-acid washing; workers assemble Jean Ai's bookshelf

The finished product!

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