Celebrating October with Kechara Paradise

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Kechara Paradise staff Pamela Yap has been with Kechara for nearly two years, and has seen many birthdays come and go. Here, she writes about her recent experience celebrating her birthday with her Dharma family, in one of Kechara’s newest departments, the Kechara Care Lounge.

Oh my Buddha! It’s that time of the year AGAIN! I used to complain about my birthday being so late while everyone else around me got to celebrate theirs much earlier. Nowadays though, every birthday reminds me how much I’ve learned and experienced throughout the year, be it good or bad and I am very proud to be a Kecharian, now and in many lifetimes to come!

Anyway, enough of ME, MYSELF and I! Let me tell you what happened tonight.

Kechara Paradise celebrated their October babies’ birthday in Kechara Care with friends, staff and family. The October babies were James Long, Wan Wong, Eric Siow, Lee Char Jazz, Adrian Cho and ME! There were other Kecharians who joined us after their Setrap puja because as you know, the more the merrier!

Henry runs the quiz

The night was not all about uninhibited fun – Liaison Henry Ooi gave us a quiz on the Kechara organisation which was meant to educate us in a fun way. You’d be surprised that some people weren’t able to answer simple questions but that was the whole point! The quiz was hosted so we could learn from our ‘mistakes’ and in turn, educate other people from our ‘mistakes’ as well. We had a lot of laughter, teasing the ‘seniors’ who didn’t know some answers and hey, let me tell you, some of those questions weren’t very easy either! With all that fun, it was time to cut the cake, strawberries and marshmallow mmmm…! Henry lit six candles (one for each of us!) so we all got to blow a candle after everyone sang us a birthday song and of course, we kindly reminded one another not to blow so hard or else everyone would have to eat cake with a little extra flavour!

Happy birthday to us!

Well, for those of you who don’t know, in the Kechara Care Lounge we have a karaoke machine and two poles famously used for dancing (or, in the children’s case, for climbing!). Now you know why we have so much fun in Kechara, no boundaries in a good, safe environment! The karaoke machine was put to good use that night – all October babies had to sing one song of their choice before they left. Sigh! I only got to sing one song before it was time to go and it was already 1am in the morning…!

It was a very fun-filled and definitely entertaining night, and behalf of all of the October babies, I would really like to thank Kechara Paradise and Kechara Care for a birthday I won’t quickly forget!

Everyone waits to sing Happy Birthday to the babies

Josephine and Angel enjoyed themselves


Wan and her daughter Damey had a blast!

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