Caring for Kechara

10 June 2010 - 5:01am Comments Off

From left to right: Nicholas Yu, Liaison Chuah Su Ming (Head of Department) and May Ong (Administrator)

As one of Kechara’s youngest departments, Kechara Care has expanded quickly, to fulfil the need to give our growing number of newcomers a gentle introduction into the Kechara organisation.

In a matter of a few weeks, Kechara Care secured their own shop lot in the SunwayMas Commercial Centre. The artistic juggernaut that is Liaison Chuah Su Ming and Margaret Lee has driven conceptual designs to quickly transform into active renovations, to manifest one of the most creative spaces that Kechara will ever see.

As a museum and gallery, the new Kechara Care building will give newcomers an instant overview of Kechara’s past, and a glimpse into Kechara’s future.

As an informal space for parties and fun social events, the new Kechara Care building will give members a wonderful, chilled-out area to relax and unwind after a day of Dharma work and pujas. Have a (non-alcoholic!) drink with your friends, and make new ones as you listen to the latest music and dance the night away.

As a place promoting the correct care and support for one another, the new Kechara Care building will have areas dedicated to counselling.

Caring for mind, body and spirit – Kechara Care know that it is possible to work hard and play hard, and they want to show you how!

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