Birthday bash for the Leo babies!

24 August 2010 - 8:42am 2 Comments

It seems like this is the month of birthday celebrations and many have chosen to have a blast at the newly-opened Kechara Care…like the group who gathered to celebrate their August birthdays!

Coming together were the very dedicated Kechara Soup Kitchen volunteer Veronica Koo, Kechara Discovery’s Louise Lee, our very own Nicholas Yu’s super adorable daughter Natasha and a new Kechara member Aaron S. On the programme for the night was an abundance of karaoke (there were many hoarse throats later!) and lots and lots of partying all night long!

The night culminated with a birthday cake and birthday gifts, when all our beloved Leo babies gathered for candle-blowing and picture-taking. We know it was a fun night because last we saw her online, Veronica was tweeting about how much fun she had and we guess she is still reminiscing…

A guest checks out the cake as Natasha (left) watches with interest

Have a drink and a chat at KC!

From left to right, our Leo babies are Veronica, Louise and Natasha

As Veronica and Louise enjoy their cake, behind them Allan (from Kechara Media & Publications) enjoys the karaoke machine!

Aaron S loves his new gift...a Lama Tsongkhapa box set!

Poor Louise! Peter Ho and Bryan Ho (right) attack the poor dear!

2 Responses to Birthday bash for the Leo babies!

  1. Dharma is our day to day life!
    We can embrace dharma and live a happy and meaningful life!
    We care for people around us, no matter what religion they embrace and who they are!
    Kechara indeed CARE :-)

    Happy Birthday Leo Babies!! and Many many returns

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