A Special Surprise Party for Bill Keith!

2 May 2009 - 3:00am Comments Off

H.E. giving a Dharma talk at Kechara Oasis

Kechara & Tsem Ladrang threw a surprise party for Apprentice Liaison Bill Keith at Kechara Oasis, our newly established vegetarian restaurant. The occasion was to celebrate Bill Keith’s winning the Best Fashion Presenter Award at the Stylo Fashion Grand Prix 2009. Located in Jaya One, Kechara Oasis, tastefully decorated with balloons and candles, was all set for a fun and exciting party!

Bill Keith, dressed in white, cuts a special custom-made cake

Bill Keith, oblivious to the goings-on, arrived at Kechara Oasis in his trademark white attire – this time, a comfortable white Setrap T-shirt. Armed with a note book and pen, he was under the impression that he was there for an all-night meeting with the Kechara Paradise staff.

Guests help themselves to the delicious vegetarian feast

Suddenly, H.E. Tsem Rinpoche arrived with his entourage. The other invited guests, who had been hiding away in the VIP room gathered around the main table. Bill, looking slightly taken aback, joined the crowd, still wondering what was afoot. The moment came when H.E. announced that the surprise party was for Bill Keith. Surprised beyond words, Bill had to take a few moments to compose himself while the invited guests congratulated him again for his success.

Bill on the big screen! Guests were avidly watching clips of the fashion show & awards night

To mark the occasion, H.E. gave a Dharma talk encouraging his students to be spiritual on the inside while remaining who they are on the outside. As Rinpoche said, “Through our care, love and concern for each other, people will see and feel Buddhism by our actions. For our center to bring spirituality to others, we must create the karmic causes by being extremely kind and harmonious with each other.”

H.E. Tsem Rinpoche writes a special message to Bill Keith on the thangka...

... and consecrates it with his handprint!

After a delicious buffet dinner, the guests were treated to a short video of Bill Keith’s fashion show & awards presentation. Bill was also given a special Lama Tsongkhapa thangka with a handwritten message on the reverse and further consecrated with H.E. handprint, in accordance with Tibetan tradition. H.E. left shortly after but the celebrations continued with karaoke singing and dancing. Everyone invited had a good time and the message that night was to always take care of each other, to be supportive during difficult times, and to rejoice in each other’s success.

Bill is lost for words

Happy group photo

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