A bright future for Karen

5 March 2011 - 11:34pm 2 Comments

The Kechara organisation is growing! Karen Chong, a friendly and down-to-earth lady who lives and breathes for the fashion industry, has joined Kechara Care as a full-time member of staff. Karen always dreamed of becoming a fashion designer but quickly learned that the fashion world is not as glamorous as it looks. Karen quickly found the cut-throat business of the bold and beautiful to be meaningless.

This cool lady first learned about Kechara a few years ago, and had the great merits to meet His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche who gave her some advice that she has held very close to her heart.

“It has been the greatest gift of my life,” she says of the advice, “as not only did it change my arrogance and angry way of thinking, but it also brought me happiness.”

Spirituality has added meaning to her life and today, Karen has learned to let go and become stronger to face the world. She is very grateful to be working alongside many truly beautiful, fun and caring people at Kechara.

All of us in Kechara wish Karen the best. May spirituality as a Dharma career bring much happiness and harmony in her life!

2 Responses to A bright future for Karen

  1. Welcome to Kechara! I’m so happy for you Chin Fei.

  2. I was stunned with the news of your changing career path. I am sure you have made the correct choice. Hopefully you can learn the Dhama teachings and spreads to many. I wish you all the best for your spiritual journey.