Kechara Guest House

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The Kechara Guest House provides accommodation for retreatants and Kechara friends visiting from out of town or abroad, to create the causes for more extensive guest accommodation in Kechara World Peace Centre, our future retreat centre.

Located right above Kechara House 2, the Kechara Guest House is conveniently located with easy access to both our centres, and our other branches and activities around the Klang Valley.

If you would like to take a break from mundane life and spend some time doing retreats in a quiet, peaceful place, or if you are from abroad and wish to visit Kechara House in Malaysia, the Kechara Guest House provides clean, comfortable, homey accommodation at a nominal donation rate.

Contact [email protected] or call +603 7803 3908 for more information.


Comfortable rooms at Kechara Guest House

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