Pastorship: Making history on 24 October

11 October 2011 - 8:51pm 3 Comments

24 October is a very special date for everyone at Kechara as it was on this date 46 years ago that our founder and Spiritual Guide His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche was born.

On 24 October this year, Kechara House has organised various events throughout the day, in celebration of the moment when sentient beings were once again given another chance at finding true inner peace and happiness:

TIME 9am to 10:30am
EVENT Animal liberation
VENUE Kepong Metropolitan Park


TIME 11am to 2pm
EVENT Vegetarian lunch, all are welcome!
VENUE Kechara Care Lounge


TIME 2pm to 4pm
EVENT Lama Chopa Long Life Prayer, dedicated to Rinpoche
VENUE Kechara House Gompa


TIME 6pm to 10pm
EVENT The first Buddhist Pastor Ordination
VENUE Kechara House Gompa

In the evening of his birthday, Rinpoche will (most auspiciously!) confer vows to the first group of Kechara House pastors. The pastors will be laypeople who take sacred vows, to propitiate the Gaden lineage and serve the Dharma centre founded by our Spiritual Guide. Dressed in lay clothes but offering Dharma advice, the pastors will bring Dharma to those seeking guidance, but are intimidated or reluctant to approach those who don robes.

His Eminence has always said the only reason for him to attend his birthday celebration is if he can do something beneficial for others on the occasion.  Creating pastors, to make the Buddhadharma more approachable to those in need of Buddha’s wisdom, is one such action. Although the concept of a pastorship will be new, the vows that Rinpoche bestows on those chosen for this honour will be based on an authentic lineage stemming all the way back to Shakyamuni himself. So please come celebrate Rinpoche’s birthday with us, and bear witness to this historic occasion!

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