Kechara Youth goes camping

4 March 2011 - 12:29pm Comments Off

Come 30 April to 2 May 2011, a selected group of people from Kechara Youth will be up in Cameron Highlands enjoying tea, overlooking the beautiful mountains, enjoying therapeutic spas, scoffing scrumptious vegetarian meals and not forgetting having nice beds to sleep on at night…

Well, wouldn’t all of that be nice? But no, it is not going to happen! During these dates, those selected to join us at our first annual Kechara Youth Camp will be up in Cameron Highlands, sleeping in tents, climbing one of Peninsular Malaysia’s tallest mountains…and they will also be cooking their own meals! Now, this sounds more like a camp doesn’t it?

Many activities will be held throughout the three days of the camp, to let the youth bond whilst having tonnes of fun. The main activity will be hiking or more specifically, mountain climbing. Our longest hike will be approximately 4km in length, going uphill and downhill, and will take around six to eight hours to complete…but this really depends on the fitness level of the participants, so start working out people!

Gunung Irau, also known as the Mossy Forest

It will be something new for many of the youth who spend most of their lives in this concrete jungle, so we will not be surprised if they have not seen a mountain before!

The majority of our time nowadays is spent in front of a computer, playing video games, surfing the internet, and talking to our friends on Facebook and Skype. This camp serves as an opportunity for the youth to get out and enjoy nature together, whilst gaining some Dharma knowledge.

Now isn’t that more fun than interacting through social media?

This camp will also serve as a platform for the youth group to have more related activities in the future and hopefully with support from everyone, the camp will become an annual event. For those who have not been selected to join us, please do not be disappointed – for the rest of 2011, there will be many more exciting activities lined up by the Kechara Youth Committee to accommodate everybody!

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