Kechara Musical Night

3 April 2011 - 1:37am Comments Off

Bored of listening to the same old songs on the radio? Is that CD of yours starting to sound a little repetitive? Need something to liven up your day? Then come for our live performances at Kechara Care Lounge!

A group of Kecharians and their friends will be showcasing their musical talent and singing their hearts out! You can be sure you will hear tracks of all different genres, ranging from pop to jazz, and all the way to classical!

DATE 9 April 2011
TIME 8:30pm
VENUE Kechara Care Lounge

Part of the proceeds of the evening will go to Kechara Animal Sanctuary (KAS) so your kind donations will certainly be put to good use.

Join in, listen, and soothe your ears and soul all in one location! To reserve your tickets, please contact Nicholas Yu (+6016 209 0541) or James Long (+6012 772 0289). And if you would like display your talent, either in music or drama (or even dance!), feel free to contact James Long for further information.

See you there!

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