A simple guide to three powerful practices for Harmony, Healing and Peace

9 May 2011 - 5:30pm Comments Off

We have careers, friendships, relationships, families, goals, aspirations and a limitless amount of things to do. We are so busy juggling everything and it leaves us very little room to ‘breathe’. We get depressed, dissatisfied and so we continue to look for more distractions. Some of us get especially upset when things do not turn out the way we want them to be.

Hence, we need to restore harmony and bring peace back into our lives. What better way to do this than to engage in the powerful spiritual practices that have been proven through generations of great masters and their practitioners. So, reward yourself to an afternoon of knowledge and learning of three very powerful practices that will heal you and transform your life.

All Kechara Sunday Talks are also streamed live online for our friends abroad. Simply log into livestream.com/kechara and join in the wisdom, no matter where you are! For more information, contact Jamie Khoo at [email protected] or +60 12 323 9567.

DATE 15 May 2011
TIME 2pm to 4pm
VENUE Kechara House Gompa

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