Fishy Freedom

Monday, 30/9/2013 - 12:00am

Love animals? Want to see them free? Better yet, want to SET them free? Make your way down to Kepong [...]

Pastorship: Making history on 24 October

Tuesday, 11/10/2011 - 8:51pm

24 October is a very special date for everyone at Kechara as it was on this date 46 years ago [...]

A journey to KWPC

Wednesday, 22/6/2011 - 10:33pm

Last Saturday, Vice President of Kechara House Henry Ooi together with the Kechara Care team organised a get-together for a [...]

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An afternoon with Kechara

Wednesday, 25/5/2011 - 5:04am

Discover a whole new world with Kechara this Sunday, at a relaxed and informative afternoon tea…

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A simple guide to three powerful practices for Harmony, Healing and Peace

Monday, 9/5/2011 - 5:30pm

We need to restore harmony and bring peace back into our lives. What better way to do this than to [...]

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Let’s sing all night long!

Thursday, 5/5/2011 - 12:24pm

Sing your heart out, and dance along…whatever your style, anyone and everyone is welcome!

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Kechara Musical Night

Sunday, 3/4/2011 - 1:37am

Bored of listening to the same old songs on the radio? Is that CD of yours starting to sound a [...]

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Tra-Lah-Lah down to Kechara Care!

Saturday, 19/3/2011 - 4:26am

This New Year, Lah Lah Land is joining forces with Kechara Care to make a difference…

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Movie screening: Seven Years in Tibet

Wednesday, 16/3/2011 - 2:28am

Kechara Care Lounge’s movie night returns this Friday with a screening of Seven Years in Tibet starring heartthrobs Brad Pitt [...]

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Kechara Choir

Wednesday, 9/3/2011 - 12:23am

Kechara has the Manjushri Kids’ Class, Chinese Manjushri Class, Lamrim Class and now our latest addition, the Kechara Choir Class!

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Kechara Youth goes camping

Friday, 4/3/2011 - 12:29pm

Come 30 April to 2 May 2011, a selected group of people from Kechara Youth will be up in Cameron [...]

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Preserve the environment, start recycling!

Thursday, 10/2/2011 - 4:10am

Currently, there are more than 200 landfills all over our country, and over 70% of the waste in them is [...]

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Movie screening: Ip Man

Thursday, 13/1/2011 - 2:17am

This Sunday at the Kechara Care Lounge, we will be screening Ip Man, a movie on the life of the [...]

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Movie screening: Milarepa

Wednesday, 12/1/2011 - 6:48pm

Kechara Care Lounge’s movie screening returns this Friday with a film on Tibet’s greatest mystic, visionary, wizard and poet Milarepa…

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Mama’s cooking tonight!

Tuesday, 4/1/2011 - 3:18pm

Every Monday, on a fortnightly basis, Kechara Care will be hosting an all-you-can-eat vegetarian buffet from 6:30pm to 8pm…

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Sing to a different tune!

Sunday, 2/1/2011 - 12:15am

Had a busy year end? Need something to lighten up your busy days? How long since you got together and [...]

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Rock ‘n roll Xmas!

Wednesday, 22/12/2010 - 2:19pm

Wondering where to go this Christmas’s Eve? With the festive season around the corner, we are in the mood for [...]

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It’s time to get ya freak on!

Wednesday, 20/10/2010 - 12:27pm

Unleash your freaky side and join us this Halloween at Kechara Care Lounge. We have a great line-up for you!

UP, up and away!

Wednesday, 20/10/2010 - 12:04pm

Our movie screening is back! For October, we have chosen to screen the movie UP, a comedy about 8-year old [...]

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A night of horror

Wednesday, 8/9/2010 - 7:25pm

The world acclaimed British musical horror comedy / rock opera film The Rocky Horror Picture Show is the longest running [...]

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Fish feeding frenzy

Thursday, 2/9/2010 - 6:58am

Join us on the third Sunday of every month when we feed our animals. This is the time when we [...]

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A family (a) day keeps kids growing healthy and wise

Wednesday, 21/7/2010 - 11:14pm

The Manjushri Kids’ Class once again invites you for some fun activities designed to promote some quality family time. At [...]