Protector box

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What do we need a protector box for? What is a Protector box used for?


Protectors are generally very fierce and wrathful looking. A person who does not have a lot of knowledge about Buddhism, or lacks a firm foundation in Dharma will need someone to explain to them the purpose and function of Dharma Protectors. Otherwise they might get the wrong idea about the role and nature of Dharma Protectors in our practice.

At home or in certain public areas, traditional practitioners often keep imagery of their Protectors hidden in these Protector boxes. They usually only open the box when they are doing their Protector practice or for cleaning purposes. In Yong He Gong Temple in Beijing for example, the yidams (meditational deities) are in open, central positions because their images create less doubt in the minds of people who do not understand the wrathful nature of Dharma Protectors. The fierce Protectors are generally placed at the side of the temple, away from public view.

His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche introduced the practice of Dharmapala Setrap over a decade ago, and it has been growing strongly ever since. As the enlightened emanation of Amitabha, Setrap has a particular affinity with Malaysians. Setrap has been practised by Gaden Monastery for the past 600 years, and now benefits many Malaysians who have at one time or another encountered certain obstacles or problems.

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