Grace Leong

14 August 2010 - 3:26pm 1 Comment

Hi, it’s heart-warming to know Elumulai is safe now and her son can maybe concentrate on moving on in his own life in a better way. I’d like to share with you a nice story – I met Hartini from Nur Salam at a social function, and she told me that Kechara Soup Kitchen is a ‘real’ soup kitchen.

She said many other organisations who call themselves soup kitchens are not so committed. I rejoice to see people like Justin and other very hard-working volunteers working so hard to help those in need. So many great people in KSK.

God bless them all!

One Response to Grace Leong

  1. I’m going to start volunteering locally here in the USA for a soup kitchen. Hopefully I can bring my sister along with me too.

    KSK, see what my jealousy of you all has done?!