Dorai Reunited with his family

25 April 2015 - 4:25pm Comments Off

Dorai came to our soup kitchen yesterday seeking assistance to be placed in a shelter. He had been on and off the streets for quite some time, but was quite reluctant to return home because he had an argument with his family members.

After a long chat, he finally heeded our advice to return home and make peace with his family. Phone calls were made to Dorai’s mother before he was sent home to be reunited with her. Dorai is now staying at home to help take care of his mother while she recuperates.

We also learned that Dorai’s family was not doing well and his mother had a lot of health problems. Having assessed and determined that Dorai’s family really needed some help, we were glad to be able to provide some basic necessities via the Kechara Food Bank programme.

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