Getting off the streets

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Our clients are on the streets because they may be unmarried, lack relatives to care for them, or have suffered disagreements with their family. Many clients also find themselves on the streets due to their old age, and perceived inability to work.

Our volunteers try to get to know the people we are helping during our weekly food distribution rounds, slowly earning their trust by caring for their basic needs. This enables us to understand how we can best help each individual.

Every now and then, one of our homeless clients will request for help beyond the food and medical aid we distribute. Be it a request for employment, assistance in replacing lost documents, or simply a friendly face to talk to, Kechara Soup Kitchen endeavours to fulfil all requests.

These are some of our clients’ stories and calls for help.

If you are able to provide assistance to any of our  clients, please contact our Project Director Justin Cheah at or +6010 333 3260.

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