Breathe Easier with Tsem Rinpoche & Kechara

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His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche and Kechara Soup Kitchen volunteers were featured in a New Straits Times article on Wednesday 26th of June for their free distribution of face masks and eye drops to those on the streets of Kuala Lumpur.

This was to ensure that those living on the streets and out and about were protected from the harmful effects of the haze currently shrouding parts of Malaysia. The haze caused by raging fires out of control in Indonesia, sending harmful and polluting smoke into the air has been blown into the southern part of Peninsular Malaysia as well as Singapore.

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Elena Khong, liaison to H.E. Tsem Rinpoche, was inspired after realising that not everybody could afford the luxury of clean, air-conditioned air. Hearing of Elena’s idea, Vinnie Tan and a dedicated team raised enough funds in one afternoon to purchase 4,000 face masks and 2,400 individually packaged eye drops! With Tsem Rinpoche at the forefront, the team braved the haze to distribute the items to those around Kuala Lumpur, especially amongst the grateful homeless, those with vulnerable children or just those that were unaware of the health risks of breathing in the haze.

This compassionate act of caring for those who would ordinarily not have help during the haze is selflessness in action, something that Tsem Rinpoche teaches as a core practice of Buddhism and shows himself through his own daily actions.

It was through this compassion, and his experiences as someone who had previously been homeless himself, that has led Rinpoche to care for the homeless so much. This attribute is well reflected in his students and Elena in particular, who thought how others would be effected by the haze and how to best benefit them.

Read more from the New Straits Times article here.

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