One Utama Shopping Centre & Kechara Soup Kitchen

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Jean Mei, Justin, Jun Yew (Jean Mei's friend who is a regular volunteer) and Lew (of e-Division) volunteering at KSK booth at 1Utama.

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Kechara Soup Kitchen or KSK ( has opened a booth for this weekend in the sprawling 1Utama Shopping Mall. 1Utama Shopping Mall is very kind and very engaged in community action. Hence their space for KSK is very good for them, KSK and the homeless. It shows 1Utama would like to give back to the community. Wonderful for all those in the Management of 1Utama as you show a great example of community spirit.

(Above) The beautiful 1Utama Shopping Centre.

It is commendable that major shopping centres in our region support Kechara Soup Kitchen as it is their way to give something back to the community. Making profits is necessary, but remembering the less fortunate is crucial to set the right example for our communities and children. Kechara Soup Kitchen is COMMITTED TO HELPING THE LESS FORTUNATE. PLEASE COMMIT TO HELPING US!  We thank you ahead of time!!

(Above) KSK's booth in the Community Corner in One Utama. We are on 1st floor, Oval next to Chanel. Justin Cheah, Julia, Carmen (Jean Mei's friend) and Ruby are here in morning shift. Other volunteers will come later.

We thank 1Utama Shopping Mall for caring for the homeless and community. It reflects their commitment to benefit society. Kudos to 1Utama Shopping Centre!!!!!

Tsem Rinpoche

Lew tirelessly creating awareness for KSK on behalf of the homeless in 1Utama

P.S. I personally like 1Utama Shopping Centre very much. I have been patronizing them for nearly a decade now. I find so many varieties of items inside. The range of shops are very nice. I like shopping malls that have A HUGE VARIETY OF DIFFERENT ITEMS FOR SHOPPERS. Then you can just park, go in and shop till you drop and find whatever you need. Many of varieties of shops make the shopping mall less boring and redundant. VARIETY IS THE KEY FOR ME.

1Utama is laid out nicely and most of the time parking is quite ok. Many of my friends also patronize.

We ALSO  have  beautiful Kechara Paradise Outlet in 1Utama. It has beautiful gifts, antiques, paintings, jewellery, healing aromatherapy incense, purifying singing bowls, books, and many other items from the Himalayas. The Himalayan regions of Nepal, North India, Tibet produces one of the world’s most recognized and treasured artworks. Now we don’t have to fly there, we can go to 1Utama Shopping centre to explore and enjoy the crafts from the exotic and remote Himalayas!

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