Great Woman of Our Time

10 August 2010 - 8:06am 3 Comments

Women are our mothers, daughters, sisters, wives and best friends. They are the pillars of our families, quietly providing strength and care. Some women take this one step furthering, harnessing their nurturing energy to benefit society at large. Often times, their contribution goes unrecognised.

In 2006, Women’s Weekly magazine felt that it was time to set this right, and established the Great Women of Our Time Awards. These awards seek to highlight the service provided by women everywhere, to acknowledge their excellence, leadership and performance across a range of categories…and our President Ruby Khong has been nominated for the Education and Public Service category!

This nomination comes as a lovely surprise from a magazine that has previously covered Ruby’s work with our soup kitchen. It is a wonderful opportunity to raise awareness of topics close to her heart, and Ruby will also inspire other women in Malaysia.

On Friday, Ruby was invited to do a photo shoot and record a video interview, to be used as evaluation material for the judges. Whilst the judges will have some say however, so too will the public…and since this is still just a nomination, please vote for her! Her win will do much to publicise the plight of the homeless so helping her win is helping the homeless to win. We will soon be releasing details on how you can help to make Ruby the public’s Great Woman so keep your eyes peeled!

3 Responses to Great Woman of Our Time

  1. Tell us how to vote!!! Quick :-)

  2. I have read about Ruby in the media and I am happy she has been nominated. I was one of the 18 nominees in 2008 and I can tell you, it is a special event to honour the fabulous women who are doing fabulous work in their own fields. We were made to feel like queens during the event. Congrats to Ruby! Will vote for you when the session opens. Voting is by SMS.

  3. Thank you Ruby! Your are very precious to many others! Bravo!