Gowns and Glitter for KSK

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From left to right: CP Saw (Managing Director of ECMI), Celene Leong (owner of Astro Channel 304), Melvin Lam and KSK President Ruby Khong

What happens when high fashion meets charity? When the gowns and glitter of the stars take to the catwalk in aid of the streets?

Proving that beauty can be both inside and out, Melvin Lam Haute Couture, Mouawad and ECMI recently joined forces to throw a gala dinner to benefit Kechara Soup Kitchen (KSK). At the Mandarin Oriental, the high flyers of Kuala Lumpur’s society scene descended to eat, party and shop to help, as President Ruby Khong put it, the “800 men, women and children that KSK feed every weekend.”

Tuan Syed Annuar (far right; Director of Corporate Public Affairs of AmBank) also attended the dinner

Ruby gave thanks to everyone for “feeding hunger to feed hope” at this event organised by Melvin. She also thanked CP Saw (Managing Director of ECMI) and Antoine Bakhache (of Mouawad) for sponsoring the dinner. So prestigious is Mouawad as a jewellery house, that they frequently accessorise royalty and Hollywood A-listers. Their designs can be seen on Victoria’s Secrets lingerie, and they have even collaborated with supermodel Heidi Klum on a jewellery collection…and here they were, raising money for KSK!

Ruby was interviewed by Faye Ng of Astro Channel 304

Present at the dinner was our patron YBhg Datuk Dr Victor Wee (Chairman of Tourism Malaysia), who helped Ruby to present thank you plaques to the sponsors. The night was one to remember for the man who had “transitioned from merely being KSK’s patron, to a good supportive friend who gives his time, support and energy to a cause that benefits others.” Celebrating his 58th birthday, Datuk Wee was surprised with a cake, and 200 guests singing a most rapturous rendition of “Happy Birthday”.

Ruby and Datuk Dr Victor Wee (far right) presenting a thank you plaque to Antoine Bakhache of Mouawad (far left)

Guests feasted and perused the Mouawad collection as Melvin’s models strutted their stuff down the runway, showing off the designs that have made Melvin famous for his creativity. Through the thumping music, there was no way KSK could have guessed we were soon to benefit from a daughter’s love for her mother…in fact, two daughters’ loves since the fashion show inspired two women to present their mothers with a gown from Melvin’s collection, with 30% of the proceeds going to KSK!

Ms Poon Sow Keng sings for KSK

The night ended on a high note, with the legendary Malaysian singer Ms Poon Sow Keng serenading guests as they wound down an evening of fun. Thus even an extravagant ballroom can be the scene of such benefit; Ruby said that on nights of seemingly sheer frivolity, not everything has to be purposeless.

And what a purpose we have, bringing dignity back into the lives of the homeless! For further information on how you can join us in the fight against homelessness, contact our Project Director Chua Siong Woan at siongwoan.chua@kechara.com or +6010 333 3260. With our new building and our ongoing regular activities, KSK’s financial resources are being stretched tight…we need all the help we can get, whether it’s with job offers, our wish list, or with donations of money, food or your time! Employment opportunities are also welcome, as most of our clients are willing and able to work…they just need YOU to give them a chance.

Melvin's designs and models complemented the beauty of the evening

Datuk Wee celebrated his 58th birthday in the best way possible...helping to benefit others!

Ruby with some of the key figures from the event, including Antoine (second from left) and his wife, as well as Datuk Wee and Melvin Lam

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