One order of Soup Kitchen, done!

25 August 2010 - 5:25pm 6 Comments

In the world of Kechara, we like things done fast and we like things done well…after all, the faster and better we work, the more people we can help! With such a work ethic, the renovation of the new Kechara Soup Kitchen building was not expected to take very long but few expected it to be completed this quickly!

Building work officially started on 8 June 2010, with the renovation team working fast to transform the dilapidated pre-war building into the modern vision of our President Ruby Khong. She conceptualised the building inside out, from the colours of each room, to the function of each area, and she was there to supervise as the men worked. In just over two months, this is what Kechara Soup Kitchen has achieved, on top of all our regular activities!

We would like to unveil to the world the magic that is our new building! Everything is now complete, and we are planning to begin our operations there soon! In fact, this week’s packing and distribution will be held at the new place, so make sure you come along!

Thank you to all of our sponsors, including the AmBank Group, whose generosity and proactive belief in our work made such a building possible! With this new building, and with your help, Kechara Soup Kitchen will be able to serve more of our homeless clients, in more ways that extend beyond food!

Keep your eyes peeled for more news about this new building because (believe it or not!) we’re not done with the good news yet!

You can't miss our sign on Jalan Barat!

A message from the founder, His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche

On the spur of the moment, I decided to go to see the new Kechara Soup Kitchen off of Jalan Imbi in town. I wanted to do a prayer and a blessing for it’s further growth. I called up Ruby (the President of this dept) as she was nearby. So myself, Ruby, Loh Seng Piow, Monlam and Siong Woan, went to take a look. It was last minute, so I didn’t call others to join. I was in for a GREAT SHOCK. A TREMENDOUS SHOCK. The whole interior, colors, layout and design was all conceptualised by Ruby. Wow. She is super talented I must say. The shock was everything is so well done. So well planned. So nicely layed out. Everyone in KH must go and see. You must go and see!!!

Back in November 2006 when we were just starting our KSK deliveries, I always wanted to make it expand. Now it is finally. We had a Kechara Paradise Outlet on Bukit Bintang and we use to pack the food there and from there go and deliver to the homeless. We were just doing around 50 packets. Now we are doing 800 packets a week to the homeless and we have our own building. Fantastic!!!!

I felt excited as Ruby took me on a tour and explained. I felt that it was such a good thing we are doing. From the depths of my heart I felt that this building represented the hard work, dedication and aspirations of my senior students who stuck with me for over a decade now loyally and faithfully. It was the aspirations of my senior students and myself.

Many years ago we talked about doing things that would give back to society, that would have impact and perhaps inspire others to do the same. Now we are doing it. I am so happy and extremely proud of this building and what it represents.

Doesn't this remind you of restaurants elsewhere in KL who only serve paying clients? Well, we serve those who cannot afford to pay because everyone, regardless of their background, still needs to eat!

We can complain about this or wait for someone else to do something. But while we wait, many people go hungry. We are blessed to be in Malaysia. Malaysia has so many things to happy about. We are blessed by the government here. But there are just some people who are down in their luck at this time and they are homeless. We must help them. We cannot let them starve or feel they are not worth anything. We must help our fellow beings. And WE WILL. WE WILL AND NEVER STOP. KSK WILL EXPAND. I WILL TOGETHER WITH MY KSK PEOPLE MAKE IT EXPAND.

I like to thank Ruby Khong, Julia Tan, Siong Woan, Justin Cheah for their hard work and all the volunteers also. I like to especially fold my hands to His Excellency Dr Datuk Victor Wee , Chairman of Tourism Malaysia to be our Patron of Kechara Soup Kitchen. I am honoured and very happy to work with Datuk Victor Wee. Datuk Wee has a punishing busy schedule, but he has a heart of gold and very soft heart for those in need. I am truly happy that he has added this Dept. of Kechara to his many beneficial causes. He is a man that represents our aspirations well. That is if you want to do something, you can. Just do it! Thank you from the bottom of my heart everyone. My deepest respects to Dr Datuk Victor Wee and Ms Ruby Khong. Thank you to the KSK crew.

My humble prayers,
Tsem Rinpoche

Stepping into the building, visitors, clients and sponsors alike are greeted by this mural of KSK's activities

A comfortable and functional place for our clients to eat in surroundings they would not normally get the chance to see

Our kitchen, where volunteers and staff will cook for our clients

A laundry area for our clients to wash their belongings

On the first floor, there is space for our staff to work and have meetings. In the background is our President's office

VIP waiting area

Let's have a closer look at Ruby's office!

On the first floor, staff and volunteers will have access to toilets and a pantry

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  1. Immediately gets me teary eyed when I think into the future. More and more and more. We can change the world. We have.

  2. wow…what a fantastic contributions to the society!

    i have full respect for all you people there…

    will give some cash contribution…

    now where’s all the rich people?? please donate more money!

  3. There are more ways to contribute than money, Jason. Even if you live overseas. Money just buys labor, which I could volunteer…

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