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PEACE: A collection of short teachings, features some of H.E Tsem Rinpoche‘s most famous and classic teachings. These are now presented as short chapters which show us many different, very practical methods of bringing greater inner and outer peace into our lives. Wonderful, simple, accessible and extremely relevant for our everyday lives.

PEACE touches on what it means to really initiate change in our own world. Tsem Rinpoche reminds us that the deepest spiritual practice is not about championing campaigns for world peace, but begins with taking our parents out to dinner, stopping ourselves from complaining and relearning what it means to be kind.

Extracted from a broad range of teachings, PEACE explores many facets of spiritual practice conveyed in the most down-to-earth manner, looking at the most practical ways of incorporating ancient wisdom into our contemporary lives.

Peace published in English and Chinese versions.

For more contact information, please visit to or visit to Kechara Paradise outlets.

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