Lama Tsongkhapa Series (Kechara Media & Publications)

5 February 2014 - 2:10pm Comments Off

This is a video on Lama Tsongkhapa Series produced by Kechara Media and Publication. Je Tsongkhapa was a 15th century Buddhist scholar and saint whose fame swept all over the northern regions of Tibet, Mongolia and north China. Often regarded as the “Second Buddha” after Buddha Shakyamuni, he was widely revered and worshiped during the later Chinese dynasties of Yuan and Ching.

Today, his fame has spread all over Asia and now the world in fulfilment of a prediction made by Buddha Shakyamuni. This 96-paged book relates the story of Je Tsongkhapa’s incredible life and achievements, as well as the qualities he embodies, along with contemporary photography that interprets the essence of his sacred existence in a unique ultramodern perspective.

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