The Meat Swapping Cookbook

16 August 2011 - 10:21am Comments Off

It was not too long ago that Kechara Media & Publications launched its very first vegetarian cookbook, Eat Healthy, Daily at Kechara Oasis with the healthy-looking nutritionist, Mr Wong Yu Jin. You can check out the article HERE, which features many wonderful pictures of the audience and speaker giving a refreshing talk on the joys and benefits of vegetarianism.

Consequently, a coverage of the event appeared in the The Star and on its website with the article entitled Swap Meat. This article gives a good roundup of Yu Jin’s vegetarian talk along with some coverage of the cookbook, Eat Healthy, Daily…check it out below!

Click on the image above for the full version...but be warned! It may take a little longer than usual to load because the image is quite large (to ensure that the text remains legible)


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