Jim Riches: Setrap and me

12 April 2011 - 11:36pm Comments Off

In November 2010 I received a special box set through the post, and no, it was not a Stars Wars box set! In fact what I received from Kechara Media & Publications completely blew my mind away!

I have been practising Dharma since 2003 and for the most part on my own, and I felt it was time I got a proper practice with correct instruction. I had always had a good connection with Je Tsongkhapa and I had a desire to learn the practices according to the Gelugpa lineage. I had heard about H.E. Tsem Rinpoche and his alternative and fresh approach to teaching the Buddhist path. I watched Rinpoche on YouTube teaching about his protector Setrap and got a feeling inside I must try this out.

I ordered my Setrap Box Set online and within a week it had travelled all the way from Malaysia to the UK. When I opened the box set I was amazed with its contents! The box was packed full of Dharma and it even contained a beautiful Setrap tsa tsa. I put the tsa tsa on my altar at home and I got an overwhelming feeling that somewhere, somehow, I was no longer practising all alone. I immediately rushed to the TV and played the instructional DVD. After five minutes, I knew this was exactly what I had been waiting for and requesting in my prayers. It was great doing puja with Jamie Khoo! It was clear from the outset that a lot of thought and time had been committed to the box set. The quality of the puja texts was excellent, and I particularly liked the short-length puja book. I can take the short-length puja text anywhere and it is small enough to slip in my pocket.

I read the Setrap The Protector book by Sharon Saw within a day. I could not put it down! I was amazed at the amount of detail, how well it was presented and I found the book very inspiring.

Receiving the box set was a big deal for me, and after doing the practices a few days I felt a deep bond with Kechara. I would like to thank all who took part in creating this holy box set. You have sent Setrap in the ten directions, inspiring people in many different places.

I pray for the causes to be created for more box sets with different practices to reach more people and help create the causes for their enlightenment.

Once again I thank Kechara for their continuing support, help and inspiration.

Much love
Jim Riches

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