Damien Fenwick on Gurus for Hire, Enlightenment for Sale

“Not what you may like, but it is what you really need”

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What you will NOT find in this book is a rose-tinted, candy-sweetened version of the truth. This particular Guru gives it to you AS IT IS. No holding back. And I had to ask myself why it is not laced with gentle, tender words, but HARD, BITING statements. But then I realise that may be that is what we really need right now, at this day and age. There is too much fluff and garbage these days. And they are EVERYWHERE! So, this Lama or Guru’s words are like a gust of fresh air sweeping into our dusty, infested, cob-web of a mind. After all, if we do not make the effort to SPRING-CLEAN our mind and lives, what do you think will happen? Most likely, we would become the very cess pool we are seeking to avoid. So, stop running and hiding. Just turn around and tell yourself, today is the day I take back control of my life. Start with reading this book. This is your first step to total freedom – once and for all!

- Damien Fenwick

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