If Not Now, When? The PEACE Edition


Kechara Media & Publications brings you the new release of their best-selling coffee table book, If Not Now, When? The PEACE Edition, full of gorgeousness and guaranteed to bring you instant inspiration and joy.

This fantastic new volume features a new chapter of new quotations from His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche, a whole new layout and amazing photography from international photographers.

Accompanied by striking images, every quote explores the very relevant topics of Joy and Sadness, Harmony and Conflict, Commitment and Irresponsibility, Love and Fear, Life and Death, and Peace. By transcending all boundaries of religion, culture, race and age, the resonating quotes found within this book bridge the world outside to ourselves, connect our daily frustrations to practical solutions and shed bright new light on our seemingly ordinary daily lives.??

This softcover’s highly creative concepts and photography make it an especially valuable collection piece for art and design aficionados, or anyone with an eye for beautiful things.

Author: Tsem Rinpoche
Pages: 131
Language: English
Published: September 2009

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  3. Read it twice and will be reading it again.
    Love this book..