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This is a recipe book of simple vegetarian dishes and more. It is a book of dietary strategies to successfully combat the drawback of modern civilization’s health ills, including cancer, diabetes and obesity. Poor eating habits and too much processed food are hardly conducive to good health. Obesity, as well as diabetes, with attendant problems is on the rise. Cancer, no respecter of status, hits at everyone, rich and poor.

“People sometimes forget to take their medication but they never forget to eat. It’s human nature. We must have our meals every single day. If the food we consume can help prevent illness, then this food is better than any kind of medicine.”

All recipes were selected based on certain criteria. Vegetables are natural medicines and this book offers a cooking perspective on them.

The book was featured on the pilot episode of Veg and the City: Two Girls and a Cookbook, screened at the book launch where a talk on vegetarian nutrition formed the core of an afternoon of healthy living.

Author: Dr Jiang Zhong
Pages: 128
Language: English and Chinese
Published: May 2011

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About the Author: Dr Jiang Zhong

Born in China in 1975, Dr Jiang Zhong is a graduate of Chang Chun College in Jilin Province. He developed a passion for traditional Chinese medicine from childhood, studying a wide range of theories from various traditional and professional sources. As a practitioner with extensive practical experience, he was appointed panel practitioner for twelve Chinese medicine stores in Taonan city of Jilin Province. His work involved making up prescriptions and advising on traditional Chinese medicine treatment. Dr Jiang had his own clinics for two years, where he had to deal with a wide spectrum of challenging cases. His exposure to, investigation into and treatment of the various health issues during his clinical practice, honed his skills as a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner.

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