There’s No Way But Up


There’s No Way But Up, is author David Lai’s second book. This autobiography is a sincere, no-holds barred and very personal portrait of how a spoilt young man makes his own spiritual journey and finds life-changing results from the Dharma. The book is enhanced with many memorable coloured photographs endearing David’s journey.

This book is the first in Kechara Media & Publications biography series, which captures each young writer’s own experiences as they encounter the teachings of His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche and describes how they try to realise their full potential as compassionate and caring human beings.

In sharing David’s spirit and passion with all readers, the Publisher has maintained his unique voice, choosing not to edit his writing as extensively as with works in its other series.

We hope that David’s writing and experiences will inspire you to start on your own spiritual journey.

Author: David Lai
Pages: 293
Language: English
Published: 2009


Author’s Note

David, everybody’s favourite boy next door, was born in suburban Petaling Jaya, Malaysia where he also grew up before going to Australia for his higher education. David’s life traversed a fantastic map that laid out everything just as it should be: wonderful parents, a great education, sound job offers and a buzzing social life. Still, he  wandered his way through the first few years of his working life, hopping from one job to another without realising his full potential. It seemed that no matter how good things seemed to be going on the outside, he still wasn’t happy enough.

Everything changed when he met His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche, who turned his world upside down and told him to write – something he never thought he’d ever be doing. He discovered quickly enough that writing wasn’t merely about putting words to paper, but about a massive journey that takes you through yourself, your ups, downs and all the in-betweens. Writing is one thing; discovering stories is quite another! It has taken him several years of trials and tribulations before making this breakthrough with his autobiographical volume, There’s No Way But Up. It was through his writing and work with Kechara Media & Publications that David has found that final bright touch to what would have otherwise continued to be an ordinary, predictable life.

David is also a proud collaborator and author of a photography-inspired travel book, entitled Vajrayogini and Other Sacred Power Places in Nepal.

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