Life is a Gamble: Take a Chance on faith

24 September 2011 - 7:07pm Comments Off

Life’s a Gamble, Take a Chance on Faith is a biography by Liaison Henry Ooi. It tells the stories of Henry who came from Penang, how he met his Guru H.E.Tsem Rinpoche and takes on spiritual path.

About The Author

Henry Ooi has been a Liaison to Tsem Rinpoche since 18 December 2005 and a student of H.E. for over ten years, learning and practising Dharma. Henry hold portfolio as:

  • Liaison of Kechara Paradise
  • Vice-President, Kechara House Buddhist Association Malaysia
  • Board of Directors, Kechara organisation
  • Director of Kechara organisation companies
  • Executive Committee Member, Kechara World Peace Centre

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