Vegetables can be fun

9 June 2011 - 12:23pm 1 Comment

Kechara Media & Publications (KMP) launched a new book recently. What kind of book this time, we hear you ask? Well, as KMP always has surprises up their sleeves, it will not come as such a shock to note that they have launched a vegetarian cookbook this time round!

After all, His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche, the spiritual guide of Kechara always encourages his students and the public in general to go vegetarian, for its health benefits at the very least.

KMP’s new cookbook Eat Healthy, Daily features 21 unique but simple recipes that are good for our health and, very importantly, taste good too! Check out the article written by VisionKL below for more information of the book launch.

Click on the image above for the full version...but be warned! It may take a little longer than usual to load because the image is quite large (to ensure that the text remains legible)


One Response to Vegetables can be fun

  1. It has been about a month since we held this event at Kechara Oasis to launch this book. The book has been doing well and many people have bought it with good reviews. It was exciting coming out with this book because it is KMP’s first cookbook. The photo session with the great assistance from our own KIM was fun and challenging. It was interesting and very creative to make vegetables look so “photogenic”. Get one now!