World peace begins with inner peace


A revised Chinese edition of the Peace book creates the first drop in the ocean of world peace

It’s easy to see why merely holding this book in your hands will make you feel warm and fuzzy. Peace is a special book that transcends all religious boundaries yet creates strong spiritual imprints indirectly. It brings a kind of joy to readers that will make you realise how important it is to share these messages of Dharma to the world.

Like all of His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche’s books published by Kechara Media & Publications, every aspect of Peace – the design, concept and content – has been specially crafted to meet readers’ needs and tastes. Even this new, gorgeous design is approachable, warm and invokes a strong feeling of closeness. Reading the book is like talking to an old friend.

Comprising seven unique chapters, the book has been compiled with much love and effort, a culmination of many individuals’ dedication and wish to share this peace with others. Inspired by Rinpoche’s own compassion and care for every sentient being, every chapter, paragraph and sentence in this book abounds with kindness and love.

Anyone fortunate enough to read this book, contemplate the profound meaning behind the words and allow it to move their hearts will reap that most precious reward of awakening their own inner peace.

The very reason this book was published arose from the wish to begin creating a beautiful, peaceful world. But it has to start from you, and every one of us – when you really listen to your inner voice, inner peace will begin to grow from your heart and ripple outwards to the people around you. The happiness, harmony and lasting peace begins to spread, from person to family, family to neighbourhood, neighbouhood to city, city to country and, from country to the world.  Finally, we achieve peace, globally.

Grab your own copy now and invite inner peace home! Peace (the Chinese version) is now available at

2 Responses to World peace begins with inner peace

  1. 《宁静》是尊贵的詹杜固仁波切在众多著作中,无论是设计,构思和书本的内容方面在在都以读者群的考量为先。所以,这本书的“书貌”很亲切,当你在阅读时,你会感到它十分贴近你的心,宛如一位知心的老朋友与你在谈心事。


  2. What a meaningful title! Hope the English version will be available soon.