Ready, Set, Read – Read Malaysia Day 1

8 June 2010 - 10:47am Comments Off

Kechara Media & Publications’ (KMP) first day at Read Malaysia was slower than expected. However, that didn’t dampen the crew’s spirits in. At the end of the evening, our crew were still all smiles and looked forward to a stronger crowd over the weekend.

Amongst the few people who came by the booth was a journalist from, Loong Wai Ting who even kindly gave us a donation towards our book fair!

Also, a Nigerian student studying his MBA here in Malaysia was browsing through books at another book stand when he happened to see Jamie’s Kechara t-shirt. He asked if she was a Buddhist and struck up a conversation, and before you know it, he was hanging out at our booth and looking through our books. He didn’t buy anything then but promised he’d be back later in the week to buy some books he’d already picked out and we had a good sharing about Dharma with him. It turns out that he has studied comparative religions quite extensively and has recently been very interested in the philosophies of Buddhism.

KMP will be here for him and ALL VISITORS for the next 10 days, from 4 to 13 June! Come visit us at the Mines International Exhibition & Convention Centre, booth P15!

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