New Book: A Flower Named Princess

19 June 2011 - 5:11am 2 Comments

“Every individual was born beautiful like a flower, and deserves the right to bloom at his/her own pace and time, like a flower.”

Kechara Media & Publications makes its debut in the large and wonderful world of children’s books, with the publication of its first kids’ title, A Flower Named Princess, a most unusual comic book that combines its beautiful detailed visuals with important life lessons for children.

Flower is much more than just a comic book. Every page is crafted with love and care because we understand how much a child appreciates graphics. Through the story itself, the book emphasises many important lessons about humility, harmony and kindness. In the book, a spoilt little girl’s uncontrollable anger and spoilt temper tantrums forms the central theme of the book. Through funny caricatures and relatable examples of Princess’s hurtful temper, the book educates children on the extent of damage that anger causes to those around us and how important it is to be kind.

A Flower Named Princess was published as a collaboration between KMP and the Kechara House Education Committee. Ngeow Voon Chin, Head of the Education Committee and engineer by profession would probably never thought he’d be involved in creating a kids’ book but he says, “The assignment turned out to be a very enriching , humbling and learning experience for me. I look forward to working with the team and producing the second part of the book in due course.”

The book is planned as the first of a series, which will follow the interesting journey of Princess as she learns many life lessons to become a kinder and more beautiful person. It is also hoped that series will eventually also be used as reading and study material within the Manjushri Kids’ Class.

However, before the full series is released, Flower also makes a wonderful reading companion on its own, introducing a novel and engaging way of bringing spiritual lessons and moral values to children.

Shirley Maya Tan, who wrote the story behind Flower, shares, “Through stories, we can show our children what loving kindness looks like and what being spiritual is all about. If children have more exposure to good moral stories and examples, they will be inspired to embody those qualities for themselves.We hope that through these Buddhist-themed children stories, we can help kids grow up into better people.”

It’s also not just for children – those young at heart, comic and aficionados will also enjoy this lovely little volume, have quite a few laughs at how silly Flower is and perhaps, be encouraged to look at their own daily thoughts and actions too.

2 Responses to New Book: A Flower Named Princess

  1. Looks like a great book. However, there are no further details about it: ie, what age group is it suitable for, and when & where can we purchase it?

    • Hi Tsu Lin, the book is suitable for any children maybe 3 years and above, and can be purchased directly from Kechara House (through the Manjushri Kids’ Class administrators).