New Appointments To Our Growing Organisation

17 May 2009 - 2:24am Comments Off

Kechara Media & Publications is very proud to announce the addition of two new members to the department.

Phng Li Kim,
Chief Executive Officer
Kechara Media & Publications

Phng Li Kim joins Kechara Media & Publications as the new Chief Executive Officer of the company and is set to bring the whole department to greater global heights. With extensive experience in management and business, Li Kim has worked and owned many very successful business and now wishes to dedicate her life to the service of Dharma. She brings her many years of experience to KMP, to bring Rinpoche’s teachings to the world!

Li Kim is relatively new to Kechara but comes with a very spiritual heart. Her previous experience in personal-development courses resonates well with the ancient wisdom of Buddhism and she is inspired by the wonderful relevance of H.E. Tsem Rinpoche’s teachings to our daily lives. “I want everybody all over the world to hear of our Guru. I want them to be inspired by Rinpoche’s teachings to be bigger, better people and want to do more for others,” she shares about why she wished to join the Dharma.


Bonita Khoo
Assistant to Senior Liaisons
Tsem Ladrang

Bonita joins Tsem Ladrang as Assistant to Senior Ladrang Liaisons bringing with her 18 years of experience in the advertising industry.

She met H.E. Tsem Rinpoche in 2005 and has been actively involved in Kechara House’s activities. Since 2006, she has served as Kechara House’s Umze, Kechara House Committee member in-charge of Pujas and Rituals, and Treasurer of the Central Fund-Raising Committee.

After attending H.E.’s Dharma talks, she realized the meaningless struggle of the corporate world. She expressed serving Kechara House as “a joy that cannot be described with words”. When offered a Dharma career in Tsem Ladrang, she took the leap as she sees it as an opportunity to serve her Lama and be of greater benefit to others.

Girlie Ooi,
Part-time Administrator
Central Fund-Raising Committee

Girlie Ooi joins the Central Fund-Raising Committee (CFC) part-time as an Administrator. She brings with her many years of experience in the fields of Logistics and Administration.

Inspired by H.E. Tsem Rinpoche’s untiring efforts to bring Dharma to people, she has been an active volunteer within the organisation since she became H.E.’s student 10 years ago. She now joins CFC part time and volunteers at Kechara Oasis, our New Age Vegetarian Restaurant to contribute towards the growth of Dharma.

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