KMP’s 100,000 Prostration Retreat

8 May 2009 - 11:48pm Comments Off

To create huge merits for their future development and move into their new building, Kechara Media and Publications staff are currently engaging in a prostration retreat. They are aiming to collectively complete 100,000 prostrations to clear obstacles to all their Dharma works, so that all of KMP’s future publications can reach fantastic new heights! KMP just began their prostration retreat this week, and are joined by some of their friends and supporters of KMP, Liaison Apprentice Julia Tan, outlet manager May Woo and Annette Chan. They will be meeting every morning at 7.30am to do their prostrations before going to work and they will continue to do this every day until the 100,000 target is achieved. What a hardworking bunch!

There are opportunities for you to support KMP’s noble efforts and works. During the course of their retreat, you are invited to sponsor them to also do prostrations in dedication of you and your family. Or, you could also sponsor offerings during their retreat. As Rinpoche has explained, sponsoring a retreat is highly meritorious as it helps us directly create the cause for to engage in virtuous Dharma practice like this in future also.

If you would like to contribute, or for more information about KMP’s prostration retreat, please contact KMP Liaison Susan Lim at or 012 405 5564

Thank you for supporting KMP’s work to bring Rinpoche’s teachings and the Dharma out to the world!

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